tirsdag den 26. januar 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Freebie week!

So.. A freebie! Did I mention I hate those? I love getting a specific idea to work with, but using my head coming up with something new? Ugh..

Anyhow - I decided to make a list over the books on my TBR list that have been there for the longest and owning them... This can be fun ;) (oh and really.. looking at the list there is 72 books there! omg... I gotta get around to read them soon..)

It should be noted that I have only marked books as read AFTER I started to use Goodreads - so there is a big possibility that I have read the books at some point - just not in the last 5 years at least.

1. If you could see me now by Cecelia Ahern. I gotta admit I cannot even remember having this book - but knowing myself right, I must have picked it up on the trainstation or something like that waiting on  the train (and then ended up watching a movie or just sleeping instead). This one have been on my list since 2013, so about the time I added my books into Goodreads by the look of it...

2. Hannibal Rising by Thomas Harris. Pretty sure I stole this book from an ex. Also from 2013!

3. Beskytter by Christian W. Jensen.. Won it in a raffle orso (again back in 2013). I feel pretty guilty not coming around to have read this one yet..

4. Fifty Shades Freed by E. L. James. ACUTALLY, I have started this one a few times. Just having a hard time enjoying it.

5. Death in holy orders P.D. James. I actually had to go find the book to remember which one it was. Impuslebying one again. Pretty sure we are talking about the trainstation again ;)

6. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason by Helen Fielding. Pretty sure I did read it at one point. Kinda waiting on getting around to read the first in the series again before this one.

7. Nobels testamente by Liza Marklund. Gonna read this one soon! Just started on the series again!

8. Flimmer by Anne and Even Holt. First in a series and stuff. I should read this one

9. The Firework-Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman. I can't remember having this one. At all. No idea. I should look for it.

10. Maddy goes to Hollywood by Maureen Martella. Feelgood deluxe. Loved it when I read it 10 years ago orso.

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